Welcome to MLiH!

Last Update: STILL in progress... but I'm getting there!

Damn, man... did I get amnesia over the summer? No, I just got very, very lazy. But I haven't forgotten! So of now, the art section is... in progress. Everything else is also in progress, but I'm going to open the site now anyways, because I can.
This website is best viewed in Microsoft IE, at an 800x600 resolution. I think...


For anyone interested in seeing Christine "Yang/Snively" Gavlas's art, stories, or puggish goodness, her site is now officially Yang's Hideaway". No, we haven't divorced (... can twins DO that?), we just figured it'd give us more individual breathing room and clear up some of the space here.

My (Gazuka's) deadjournal can be found/ogled/mocked here. My Side7 gallery (most of my recent art) is here, and my VCL gallery (updated less often, but some new art) is here. Stay tuned... FOR MADNESS!!!

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